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13 Hours – Brings Home The Intense Reality Of The Atrocity Of Benghazi, And People Are Calling For Justice

The latest reports, from anyone who has seen 13 Hours, have blood pressures rising and steam coming out of their ears. Apparently the details of the move are such that the portrayal of events are so accurate that there is no way Hillary and Barack can avoid responsibility for the deaths of four Americans they abandoned on that fateful night.

It is impossible to experience the gripping new film 13 Hours and escape this conclusion: Obama and Hillary Clinton have lied through their teeth, gums, and cheeks about Benghazi. Despite Obama’s and Clinton’s recurring lies to the contrary, the deadly attacks of September 11, 2012, on U.S. diplomatic and intelligence facilities in Benghazi, Libya, had no connection with political protests. In director Michael Bay’s political-action thriller, which Paramount Pictures calls “a true story,” these two outposts get slammed ferociously by growing waves of well-armed jihadists who know exactly what they are doing. As if mocking Obama’s and Clinton’s lies, they do not drop their picket signs and then suddenly grab grenades, rocket launchers, and mortar shells. Instead, these killers skip the placards and head straight for the firepower.

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