16-Yr-Old Girl Found Dead In Starbucks Bathroom, Then Customers See What’s Next To Her

No one goes to Starbucks expecting to find a dead body. But shocked customers in British Columbia found themselves face-to-face with a nightmare when 16-year-old Gwynevere Staddon’s body was discovered in the bathroom. What was found next to her made her death even more tragic.

Port Moody police reported that an employee found Staddon’s lifeless body. Emergency responders were called, but it was too late. Staddon couldn’t be revived. Sadly, drugs and paraphernalia were found in her possession, making it clear that she died of a drug overdose.

Staddon had struggled with addiction for some time, and her mother, Veronica, had desperately tried to get help for her beautiful daughter. Before she died, Staddon had stopped using for three weeks. “I’ve quit, so I’m OK now, Mom,” Veronica said Staddon had told her. But the pull of addiction was too hard for her to resist. “It was calling out her name, and so she thought, ‘One more time.’ The one more time was the very last time.”

Veronica had tried to get help for her daughter, looking into rehab facilities. But there are wait lists in Canada to use a public facility, and the private facilities were too expensive. “If I don’t have $50,000 available, then they are not something I can use as a resource,” she explained. So now, she’s left to grieve her daughter. While an official cause of death hasn’t yet been determined, Veronica believes that her daughter died from an overdose of fentanyl.

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