20 TIME DEPORTED MEXICAN Laughs While Being Sentenced Tells Victims’ Relatives: “See All You Guys In Hell!” [VIDEO]

A sick and deranged illegal alien, Sergio Jose Martinez, plead guilty to multiple counts of sexual assault, kidnapping, and sodomy all while maintaining a sinister grin on his face.



Democratic run states believe in providing ‘sanctuary’ to illegal aliens which equates to not cooperating with illegal immigration law enforcement agencies who request that state and local law enforcement agencies hand over illegals with criminal backgrounds. Instead these ‘sanctuary’ cities and or entire states choose to harbor these criminals, putting them before the safety and well being of AMERICAN citizens residing in these areas.

Recently the illegal alien who shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle on a San Francisco bridge was found not guilty by the court and jury members and it’s obvious that the reason is because San Francisco and the entire state of California is a declared ‘sanctuary’ for illegal immigrants.

Now another story regarding the criminal actions of an illegal residing in the sanctuary state of Oregon has come to light and the details of this mans actions are horrifying.


A Mexican man who was deported from the US 20 times has been convicted of 10 counts including sexual assault in Oregon.

On Friday, Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, was sentenced to 35 years in prison in a Portland courtroom after pleading guilty to kidnapping, sexual assault, sodomy and several other counts, KOIN reported.

The first attack occurred early on the morning of July 24, when Martinez entered the Northeast Portland home of a 65-year-old woman through a window she had left open to cool the house.

Wielding a metal rod, Martinez told the woman to get down on the ground, where he bound and blindfolded her, threatened to murder her, and then sexually assaulted her, KGW reported.

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Martinez managed to escape and and later attack another woman before being apprehended by the police. Illegal immigration is completely out of control and these are the types of preventable crimes that President Trump is trying to stop but thanks to democrats love of immigrants over Americans more innocent victims are left defenseless and receive no justice at the hands of their so-called government.

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