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A Christmas Miracle! Santa Prayed For This Baby, And Now This Miracle Happened!

You may have seen this story of a wonderful young boy who went to Santa with a special Christmas wish! He asked for Santa to forego his own presents this year, if he could just manage to get this baby (from a family he has never met) off life support so he could go home with his family. And guess what happened….

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Baby Knox is going home!

The Team Knox Joseph Facebook page said that he was discharged yesterday and being medically transported by car to the Stine family home, where he will continue to require machine support and special care.

“Please keep praying for us, pray for sweet Knox, and all our family,” Knox’s mother, Mindi, wrote on Facebook. “It’s a long road ahead. I need God’s help to be strong and be confident in tense situations to care for Knox and make good decisions. It’s all so new to us and we are learning and practicing all we can.”

Check their Facebook page for continued updates from the Stine family.

If you wish to make a financial contribution to help support the family, go to their GoFundMepage.

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