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[Video] Three Black Women Charged With Filing False Racist Attack Report

Albany hoax

Three black women from the University of Albany in Albany, New York had filed charges that they had been racially attacked on a city bus.  They said they were called racist names and were physically attacked.  They became the poster girls for racist attacks.  Hillary even mentioned them and said this type of racism is indicative of American society.  Unfortunately for the three girls and the elite liberals who used them as “victims” of hateful whites, there were plenty of cameras filming the incident.

So, what did the cameras show?  The three girls were the aggressors.  They were the ones attacking the bus patrons, not the other way around.  There was , however racist language being used.  But that was from the three race hoaxers.  They were the ones who were being racist.  The three girls, Alexis Briggs, Asha Burwell and Ariel Agudio, called police when they got off the bus and gave a report about being racially attacked.  An investigation aided by a variety of videos along with some that had audio, it became apparent that the girls instigated the conflict.

From The Daily Caller:

Albany County district attorney David Soares said on Tuesday that the various cameras on the bus prove that the students were the aggressors and that their claims of racial victimization are entirely fabricated.

Agudio faces a single count of assault, three counts of attempted assault, three counts of harassment and a count of falsely reporting an incident.

Burwell faces an assault charge, a harassment charge and four counts of falsely reporting an incident.

Briggs faces an assault count and a pair of counts for falsely reporting an incident.

The ironic thing is that if they had just walked away from their assault, they wouldn’t all be facing multiple charges since the people they attacked never reported the assault.


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