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Gang Tells Meth Dealers to Be Out of Town By Sundown



The Tribal Huk street gang gave meth dealers an ultimatum, leave or be carried out.  They gave them until 6:30 on Friday.  New Zealand is experiencing an increasing meth problem and the police have failed to even put a dent in it, so the Tribal Huks have decided to do it themselves.  During the day on Friday, the gang patrolled the city, making sure the dealers felt their presence.  Come nightfall, the city was quiet.  The dealers were gone and the citizenry was afraid to come out.  Gang leader Jamie Pink, says he has been jailed for bashing people and that if any of the dealers were out, he’d be paying them a visit.

The streets were quiet on Friday night after the ultimatum for the meth dealers expired

Gangsters wearing their trademark yellow and black colours could be seen wandering the town's streets early on Friday evening

Gang leader Jamie Pink says meth dealers will get 'a visit' if they don't move on

From The Mail Online:

On Thursday, Pink issued his menacing public service statement.

‘We ask nicely first, then they’ve got to go,’ Pink told a community meeting on Thursday evening.

‘We’ve got no choice,’ he was quoted as saying by Fairfax NZ

The ultimatum has alarmed Western Waikato Police, who said in a statement to Daily Mail Australia they don’t condone threats of violence or intimidation.

But the comments have found sympathy with some members of the Ngaruawahia community, who are worried crime is increasing, Fairfax NZ reported.

Sociologist Dr Jarrod Gilbert, New Zealand’s foremost expert on gangs, said Pink’s ultimatum was, ‘Jamie taking care of business the only way he knows how – the direct route.’

Police would not comment on what criminal activities the Tribal Huk gang was involved in, but Pink is no stranger to violence and vigilantism.

In 2007, incensed that a drug dealer had offered his then 13-year-old daughter ice, he turned up at a Ngaruawahia property owned by an alleged dealer and smashed in two garage wall panels and several glass panels.

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