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Soros Group Democracy Alliance to Finance Riots


The president of the ultra rich members of the Democratic Alliance says that his organization will fund the rioters across the country.  That wouldn’t be anything new.  Another member of the Democracy Alliance, George Soros spent 33 million to fund the Ferguson riots.  READ THAT STORY HERE

The Democracy Alliance is made up of over 100 millionaires and billionaires who must contribute at least $200,000 dollars a year.  Of course they contribute much more than 200k apiece.  Between 2005 and 2014, Democracy Alliance spent 500 million dollars.  Let’s face it, they can finance a lot of riots for a very long time and I expect they will.  The president, Gara LaMarche said:

“Fighting back is the first pledge.”

Wait a minute.  Fighting back denotes the fact that were attacked.  No one attacked these thugs.  These thugs are doing the attacking.  But that’s just the kind of thugs DA wants to sponsor, just as long as they are a safe distance away.

From The Daily Caller:

He called Trump, “An ignorant, dangerous, lying, crude, insecure, narcissistic, fraudulent bigot and misogynist received almost half of the votes of the American people and is now a few months away from following Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama into the Oval Office.”

The 2016 election was “a catastrophe that threatens everything progressives have built.”

He said the group may finance the many the street demonstrations beginning to appear in liberal cities.

“Some activists are in the streets, and some of us may join them, now, or as the need arises, as it will, in the next four years.”

LaMarche reminded the ultra-rich audience their strength was in the wealth, telling them, “all of us need to reach deep into our wallets in the coming months.”


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