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All Headstones Will have Wreaths at ARLINGTON National Cemetery

All of the headstones at Arlington Cemetery will have wreaths this year, as well as, veteran tombstones all over the United States and elsewhere.

The goal to put wreaths on 230,000 headstones has been confirmed by the executive director of Wreaths Across America, a non-profit organization that places the commemorative garland.

The non-profit cause has met the amount of money to place $15 fresh evergreen wreaths on veteran headstones.

A 30,000 wreath deficit was being faced as of November 27th. Now, thanks to the courtesy of donations from Breitbart News Daily listeners and good Samaritans across America, all our fall heroes graves will have a wreath this year.

The organization will actually exceed its goal and besides the wreaths place on headstones at Arlington Cemetery, extra wreaths will be used to honor the cremated remains of thousands of veterans at the national cemetery’s columbarium.

This brings tears to my eyes as I believe all of our fallen heroes should and deserve a wreath for their ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedom.

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