SLATE: Donald Trump and Racist Mass Shooter, Dylan Roof, “Share Same World Views”

There is no limit to how low a liberal will stoop to criticize someone they disagree with and that is becoming more evident with each passing day since Trump won the election.

Jamelle Bouie, Slate’s chief political correspondent compared Donald Trump and Dyann Roof as “brothers in white resentment.”

Now, how in the world do you compare President-Elect Trump and Roof, a racist murderer? I guess there is nothing that will stop to bring people to the dark side.

low-6-sizedMany progressives and Bouie have argued that “Make America Great Again” is no more than a dog whistle “for a traditional, industrial, and white America, set against a rising tide of racial threats, from Hispanic immigrants and black protesters, to Muslim refugees and the specter of radical Islamic terrorism.”

“Roof, in his own telling, wanted to awaken white America to the alleged threat of blacks and other nonwhites,” The Slate reporter said.

The reporter also stated that even though Trump and Roof have never met, they share the same world views that are “just a few steps away” from one another.

The “Ideas that radicalized” Roof “will thrive” in the White House, Bouie concluded.

Mediaite pointed out, this is quite the shift for the Slate writer, who only a year ago wrote, “Donald Trump is a moderate Republican. That’s why he’s winning.”

Bouie seems to write what suits him at the time. I don’t like to see that. I, for one, have principles and write accordingly.

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