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Tiny Poodle Found after Nine Years

Gigi was a young pup when the home in Sacramento, where she was living, was robbed. Sally Butler did all the things you do when your best friend, a dog, is missing. She put up posters and hoped her poodle would be found.

poodle-3Butler worried and kept looking for her tiny poodle. As time went on, she had almost lost all hope, after all, Gigi, a toy poodle, was now 13 years old.

Nine years after the robbery, Gigi was returned to Butler. She must have felt so good inside to see and hold her little poodle once poodle-2again.

The toy white poodle had belonged to Butlers’ mother. When her mother was gravely ill, in the hospital, Sally put Gigi in a gym bag and sneaked her into the hospital so she could sit on her mother’s lap.

Sally’s mother died that night and Gigi now belonged to her.

Now, this week, in 2016 a family found Gigi wondering in Roseville.

The poodle had a microchip and that is how veterinarians led Gigi back to Butlers. What a happy Christmas this will be!

I own a 4 pound poodle and would be devastated if she were lost. I understand what anxiety it would bring to lose your ‘baby’.poodle-4

In the past, I had a poodle named Gigi, so this story really touched my heart. My current poodle is Lady Godiva. ‘Godiva’ for her chocolate color and I thought being so small (under 1 pound when I first got her) she would need God in her name. Needless to say, Lady Godiva has a microchip in her. You can never be too careful when you love your pet.

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