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The Fantastic Lives and Bodies of Flight Attendants [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

Flight attendants live glamorous lives, getting to go to some of the most exotic locations on Earth.  They get free airfare, rooms and meals all the while collecting a paycheck and showing off their perfect forms.


Airline staff such as Aeroflot hostess Victoria Tzuranova are sharing a glimpse into their enviable lifestyles on social media under the hashtag #cabincrewlife 

Victoria show off her eyewatering flexibility with a spot of yoga in Bali 

Victoria (centre) and her friends pose for a cheeky topless shot, while flaunting their pert derrieres 


Emirates hostess Georgia Nielsen from Melbourne shows off her enviable curves on the beach 

Rainam shows off her stunning figure while on a stopover in Alicante 

The stunning blonde clearly enjoys all the perks of the job 

Rainam and her cabin crew colleagues enjoy a beach day in sunny Alicante 

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