Jealous Boyfriend Scalps Girlfriend Then Let His Pitbull Have His Way With Her

A man was arrested on Kentucky when he cuts his girlfriend’s scalp with a knife and ordered his pit bull to attack her. Prosecutors claimed that jealousy was the main reason why the man did it.

Way back on September 14, 2015, Zachary Gross has been charged with assault and harbouring a vicious animal in connection to the incident that took place in his home on Walton.

Gross spent an hour torturing his girlfriend Marilyn Stanley, Gross is not yet contented with the beating he then get a knife, remove most of her scalp and ordering his pit bull named Capone to attack the helpless woman.


Left image was Gross and His pitbull, right image was the aftermath of what Gross did to his Girlfriend.

According to the police report, the animal ripped Stanley’s scalp off her head and chewed off a portion of her ear.

Then sheriff officials added, Gross put Stanley’s detached scalp in a plastic bag and dropped her off at her mother’s house.

According to the medical report, more than three-quarters of her scalp had been removed from her head and also suffered a broken nose and her eyes were swollen shut.

Stanley also tells police that before the dog attack, Gross punched her in the face at least six times and also kicked her in the stomach and chest.

Boone County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Leanne Beck explained to the court that Gross flew into a jealous rage when he saw a picture of another man posted on Facebook showing his girlfriend in a park with her son.

She went on to argue that after he pinned Stanley down to the floor and cut off most of her scalp, Beck said that Gross then taunted his bleeding girlfriend: ‘You’re bald now. Who’s gonna want you now?’

It seems that Gross’ attorney tried to argue self-defense, pointing out that it was Stanley who, by her own admission, first pulled the knife out during the fight between them.

The defense lawyer also tried to pin the blame for the woman’s scalp injuries on the pit bull, which also happen to tore off her ear.

The jury took two hours to return the guilty verdict. Gross can possibly face up to 20 years in prison.


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