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Six Innocent Black People Shot Outside Alabama Church; Media Won’t Report On it Because…

Did you hear about the six innocent black people — including a one year old baby — who were shot at a church festival in Birmingham, Alabama on Easter Sunday?

No? That’s because the mainstream media hasn’t reported it, because the alleged shooter is black.

The most egregious examples of racism are perpetrated by our own mainstream media. When it involves major white on black violence there is a hailstorm of media coverage.

An estimated 800 people were at the festival and another 100 were waiting in line to get in when shots rang out. Police are currently searching for a “teenage” suspect.

However, you didn’t hear or read about any of this in the major media — because the shooter isn’t white.

Fact is, fake news is about not reporting the news as it is about reporting news to serve a political agenda.

The Easter Sunday shooting in Birmingham is major news that deserves national attention.

Here are just a few other horrific crimes you might not know about through the media because the killers were black:

* Eve Carson, 22, a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, killed by a shotgun blast to the head.

* Jennifer Moore, 18, kidnapped, raped, and murdered by a 35-year-old suspect.

* Kristin Huggins, an aspiring artist, murdered in Trenton, N.J., where she planned to paint a street mural.

Most people probably never heard of the “Wichita Massacre” that occurred in 2000 when two black brothers went on a crime spree in Kansas, killing five people.

But when Dylan Roof shoots up a black church and receives seven consecutive life sentences, it’s big news and further proof of rampant white racism.

Make no mistake about it, average people get the politically motivated disparity in race-based media coverage. It’s one of the reasons why they voted for Donald Trump.

Birmingham is 75 percent black. This was another mass shooting by a black individual, at another black church in the south in a city that’s 75 percent black. Yet completely ignored by our media. Why? Why is a deranged white kid shooting up a black church more newsworthy? Because when it comes to black-on-black crime our media chooses to turn its collective head the other way.

Journalism is dead. When six people are shot outside a church and it’s not reported because of the race of the shooter, we have done a complete 180 in our society from the bad old days of segregation and Jim Crow.

H/T US Herald

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