Soccer Fan Falls To His Death After Being Pushed From Stands [RAW VIDEO]

An Argentine football fan has been killed as a result of an angry mob in the city of Cordoba on Saturday. Images and video of Emanuel Balbo, aged 22, have surfaced showing his five-meter fall at the stadium of his favorite football team, Belgrano.

 The crowd is alleged to have pushed (or at-least contributed to) him falling from the stand after mistakenly thinking he was a supporter of a rival team.According to Balbo’s father, he had been arguing with a man who he had accused of being directly responsible for the death of Balbo’s brother, who was killed in traffic incident back in 2012.

 Apparently, the mob turned on Balbo after the man he was arguing with began to shout that Balbo was secretly disguised, and was actually a fan of the opposing team and also Belgrano’s derby rivals, Talleres.

Balbo ran away after the crowd began to attack him before they finally pushed him over the edge of the grandstand. He was in the hospital for two days suffering from extremely horrific head injuries. Doctors would go on to declare him brain dead before he passed away.

The Argentine Football Association has since released a statement saying that they wished for “those responsible for this inconceivable assault” to be found and punished. It went on to say that it would take “the necessary measures so tat incidents like this do not happen again in any Argentine football stadium”.

The club expressed extreme sadness for Balbo in their statement, saying the death of a fan such as Balbo was “the greatest sadness”.

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