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Texas Woman Makes An Ass of Herself…Kicked Off Flight [VIDEO]

A woman can’t believe she was kicked off her flight just because she went on several profanity laced rants and the making of threats.  She will have a hard time denying her actions considering how many passengers pulled out their phones and recorded her.  When she was asked to get off the plane she hit the roof and soon airport security was called to escort her off the plane.

 The woman, who is not identified in the clip, is first seen seemingly addressing the flight crew from her seat near the back of the aircraft.

So I guess y’all not going nowhere, still. I was just bulls***ing about them… I was going to be nice,’ the woman is heard saying, as she stands up and storms up the aisle.

‘But f*** all this, f*** all this s***.’

She is then seen appearing to confront a flight attendant stood at the front of the plane, as horrified passengers watch on and record the incident.
The unidentified woman is then seen gesturing wildly as she speaks to what looks like a captain and an attendant, before walking back to her seat.

‘They’re trying to say I’m disturbing her, that I’m disturbing the people on the plane, b**** that’s crazy,’ she said.

‘You might want to get your mother***ing pilot and all your f***ing crew ready because ain’t nobody going nowhere.

‘Trying to get me off this mother***er and it’s going to go down.’

‘I ain’t drank nothing today. Find a reason to put me off this plane. They better find a real one because I’m already p***ed.

‘This is Trump’s fault. Blame it on Trump.’

Sheesh, everything seems to be Trump’s fault.  It’s even his fault because this woman is a crazy bitch.

Footage of the bizarre incident was posted on YouTube on Wednesday night, and appears to show the frustrated flier on a flight in San AntonioThe moment a woman launched an expletive-laded tirade at a flight attendant in Texas has been captured on camera. The unidentified woman is pictured

She then stormed down the aisle towards the cockpitShe then returned to her seat and was speaking to other passengers and making facial gestures

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