What grandson sees on ground when grandma makes wrong turn saved a life

Sometimes making a wrong turn can actually be a lifesaver, especially if you have an observant young grandson who is riding in the backseat behind you. When most 6-year-olds might be preoccupied with their video games, Karter Thorpe, saw a man lying on the ground in a Lowe’s parking lot in Virginia and his little mind went into action, according to Relay Hero.

Carolyn Cook’s afternoon began when she did her grandson’s parents a favor by picking up Karter from school. As both headed home, she missed a turn that ended up being possible divine intervention. She decided to take a quick detour through a Lowe’s parking lot in order to return to her original destination.

As Cook continued on her way through the parking lot, Thorpe spotted what he thought was a lifeless man, according to Police World. At first, she thought that her grandson was suffering from an over active imagination. He yelled out to his grandmother, “Mimi” to turn the car around because he somehow knew that the man was hurt.

The six-year-old persisted and screamed several times, “No, you have to stop! He’s hurt, He’s hurt. You have to go back!” She finally turned the car around and saw the man on the ground that Thorpe had insisted needed help.

She quickly stopped her car and quickly ran over to the man. “He was gasping for air,” said Cook, reported Police World. She immediately called 911 while a nearby lady came over and began CPR until the ambulance arrived. The family later explained that the man had experienced a massive heart attack, but thankfully had survived.

The family shared a Facebook message with Cook and emphasized that, it had not been for Thorpe and Cook’s quick response, their family member, who wanted to remain anonymous, would have died, and they wanted to thank them for their involvement.

Surely there was a higher power working with the six-year-old who helped his grandmother to listen and be directed to a person was in a life or death situation. God’s hand was there and scripture confirms, “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.” Isaiah 48:17.

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