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Ambam, the Only Gorilla Ever Known To Do This..Amazing

Move over Harambe, here is a gorilla who has actually accomplished something and his name is Ambam.  Amban can do something man does all the time without ever thinking about it.  He stands upright and can walk on two feet.  People from all over the world travel to Kent England to see Ambam for themselves. There has never been another gorilla that could do that.  I wonder if he is mimicking the zoo personnel or whether he’s evolving.

 At first glance, Ambam the gorilla doesn’t seem much different from the rest of his kin at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England.

But if you watch Ambam for a bit, he might do something that will really catch you off guard. What’s his little trick? He can walk around upright on two legs – just like you do.

Ambam has become an internet sensation after numerous visitors at the park filmed him looking eerily human while strolling around on two legs.

 Scientists at the zoo think Ambam may have gotten the idea to walk on his hind legs from watching his keepers at the park.

Curious to see more footage of Ambam walking around? Check out this video:

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