What is the best Mother’s Day gift you can give mom to insure her a longer life?

With Mother’s Day right around the corner and birthdays and anniversaries occurring year-round you have the perfect opportunity to select a life-giving gift she will cherish literally for years to come. According to a Harvard health study, women who live in a home surrounded with lots and lots of plants were found to have. mortality rates a whopping 12 percent lower than those of women who lived in plant-less homes and areas. See why less chocolates and more flowers and plants make such an incredible difference.

The remarkable research findings are based upon an eight-year study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Honestly, there is no downside to this for every woman and her significant other, mom, sister or friend. Not only were the lives of women much longer than women with no green plants in their homes, but they had better mental health as well, reported Simplemost. This is a win-win all around.

Just in case you might be thinking that the sample was small, and the findings were not relevant or applicable to most women. The research data was based upon findings involving 108,630 women collected between 2000-2008. The study was groundbreaking because it was the first of its kind to measure a casual connection between health and plants.

The measurements were very precise and even encompassed gathering crucial data by utilizing satellite imagery which measured the level of vegetation surrounding their homes. In addition, the researchers accounted for other mortality risk factors, such as age, socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, and smoking behaviors.

Even the researchers were pleasantly surprised by the study findings. Peter James, research associate in the Harvard Chan School Department of Epidemiology, emphasized, “We were surprised to observe such strong associations between increased exposure to greenness and lower mortality rates.” He added, “We were even more surprised to find evidence that a large proportion of the apparent benefit from high levels of vegetation seems to be connected with improved mental health,”

A healthy longer life is a distinct possibility and the proof is in the data. In fact, the greener a women’s surroundings are the higher life expectancy she has from respiratory-disease and cancer mortality according to the researchers. Be heart and health smart this Mother’s Day and give your mom, wife, daughter or friend the gift of life with lots of plants and flowers.

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