Wife Is Horrified By What She Catches Husband Doing To 11yo Child, Immediately Calls 911


When dealing with children, adults have a responsibility to respect and nurture children by providing them with a secure, safe and loving home. One woman from Glendale, Arizona, was recently shocked to find that her partner, a 58-year-old man named Marion Truman Lovelis, was not the man she thought he was after Mrs. Lovelis discovered him molesting a child in their family home. In a horrifying twist to Mrs. Lovelis’ daily routine, she walked into her own bedroom and found her husband involved in sexual activity with a 11-year-girl.




Tragically, it has been revealed that the young girl had been staying with the pair after being the victim of an entirely different case of child molestation several years ago.

Mrs. Lovelis allegedly challenged her husband over the horrifying incident, accusing him of child molestation and sexual assault. While further details about this altercation remain unknown, it is clear that Marion fled the house in disgrace after his wife call the local authorities and reported his criminal actions to police.

The repulsive individual would later be found at a traffic-congested road in Tucson. It is believed that Marion showed no resistance when members of the United States Marshals Service successfully arrested him and charged him with “child molestation, sexual abuse and sexual conduct with a minor.”


During the ensuing investigation, police questioned the 11-year-old girl and found out that this incident wasn’t the first time that Marion had abused the child under his care.

Sexual abuse and molestation is unforgivable in any circumstance. However, when the victim is a child that is placed under your roof, the abuse becomes even more sickening. Victims of sexual assault, especially sufferers of abuse during childhood, are more likely to suffer immense psychological problems later in life.

The fate of Marion Lovelis remains unknown at this point in time, but public condemnation is expected to heavily influence the outcome during trial.


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