238 “Community Leaders, Clergy, And Professionals” Were Busted In California Pedo Ring


A huge success was made in the greater Los Angeles area when 238 pedophiles were found, arrested, and charged with human trafficking.  The sting is one of a month-long set of operations being taken on by local police agencies like the LAPD to identify and take down these sick and twisted people before they hurt any more innocent lives.

According to Conservative Daily Post:

“The incidence of child sexual exploitation has reached staggering proportions,” John Reynolds, acting special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations, said during a press conference.  Vile, disgusting sexual predators are using social media to prey on children. Many of the men nabbed by the LAPD are outwardly successful, having found careers in business, politics, and the church.

Prosecutors claim that one man was so eager to get his hands on a child that he flew all the way from Australia. Undercover agents say that Michael Quinn, 33, made the journey because he was hoping to purchase a 6-year-old American boy for sex.   Police officers often have to do a dirty job. Los Angeles is being cleaned up because of their work. The sexual predators arrested in Operation Broken Hearts III deserve to be locked up; they might have caused irreparable harm.

Parents need to monitor their children online. The world is full of perverts and criminals eager to hurt innocent youths. Police officers can only do so much. The fact that the operation resulted in so many arrests shows that there are thousands, potentially millions, of sexual predators crawling through chat rooms looking for a victim.  One of the 238 men who was arrested is a young Buddhist monk accused of distributing child pornography at his monastery. Police have been eying the monk for years, a fact that’s more impressive when you learn that he’s only 26.

The Justice Department funds over 60 programs nationwide intended to stop child sex trafficking. The men pictured above were all arrested for committing or attempting to commit, sexual crimes against children The Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention funds 61 programs nationwide intended to deter pedophiles and protect children. Operation Broken Heart gives local law enforcement officers the resources they need to make meaningful arrests. Pedophiles are hard to catch. They know that what they’re doing is illegal, many admit that they’re morally bankrupt, yet most of them are cunning enough to at least attempt to hide their wicked propensities.

Predators use coded language; they form secret chat rooms. The best way for officers to catch them is to go undercover. A sane man wouldn’t talk about sexualizing children in front of a stranger, but he might be willing to speak with a man who professes to like the same thing.

California politicians, however, are less concerned with throwing sex offenders behind bars than they are with trying to improve the quality of life for those who are released from prison. Displaying absolutely no regard for the victims and instead concerning themselves with predator rights instead, California lawmakers are fighting to abolish the sex offender registry.  Officers swarmed an accused pedophile’s home, hoping to overwhelm him by force.

 Here is more from Fox News:

California is one of just four states in the country that mandates lifetime enrollment for sex offenders, joining Florida, Alabama and South Carolina. The existing law necessitates that those convicted provide addresses, employee names, fingerprints, license plate numbers and photos to the state Department of Justice after leaving prison, and such information — with the exception of juvenile culprits and those found guilty of incest thus to protect related victims — is available to the public on its website.

Offenders must re-register each year and extensively detail their movements and locations to comply with regulations that prohibit them from being near places such as schools and parks. Proponents of overhauling these laws claim that local authorities then have to spend disproportionate amounts of time processing paperwork on people who have long been free of any offenses or no longer pose a risk.

Nothing is quite as bad as a full grown adult hurting children of any age and thankfully authorities are taking it far more seriously now than at past points in our history. If they managed to arrest 238 pedophiles in only a month just imagine how much work lays ahead for those fighting sex trafficking and abuse of children!

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