7 Weapons You Don’t Need a License For

When it comes to self-defense, there’s a reason that the police, secret service, military police and FBI all carry sidearms. Firearms are the overwhelming favorite among security professionals as well they should be.


Unfortunately, civilians aren’t always offered the same access to self-defense tools that government officials are given. Even with the Second Amendment enshrined in the US Constitution, some cities virtually prohibit the possession of firearms within their jurisdiction. Likewise, many states have laws the oppose carrying firearms.

If you happen to live in one of these cities or states (often both), you may need to be innovative in your approach to self defense. Plenty of folks who do have the legal ability to carry a firearm everyday still prefer not to.

That’s doesn’t mean they don’t carry an effective weapon on their person at all times.

1. Pepper Spray (or Mace)

peppersprayThere’s a very important difference between Mace and pepper spray that most people don’t know about.

In short, “Mace” is a brand name for a tear gas derivative that’s available to civilians. Tear gas itself, designed to subdue large crowds, is classified as an “irritant.”

This is an important distinction because many believe “mace” is less effective than pepper spray when it comes to one-on-one self defense situations.

2. Tactical Pen

What the heck is a tactical pen, you ask?

It’s basically a super-strong, weighted self-defense weapon masquerading as a pen. What are the advantages of carrying one? For starters, you can carry a tactical pen pretty much anywhere, including on a plane or other secured area where firearms aren’t allowed.

A few other advantages come in the form of accessibility and surprise. This weapon is actually a writing pen like you might carry in your shirt pocket. In a tense situation, reaching to you hip pocket, back pocket, or holster area will immediately be seen as threatening.

3.  Tactical Batoncollapsiblebaton

In countries where the police don’t carry firearms, what do they use for self -defense? Typically, the answer comes in the form of a nasty telescoping baton carried in a holster on the belt.

Are they effective? If you’ve ever seen footage of police “subduing rioters” with batons, you already know the answer.

Given the extended reach, aerodynamics, and weight, batons are extremely hard to defend against. Whether it’s a cane, billy club, or tactical baton, these weapons trump nearly any kind of knife or edged weapon, simply because a deflected blow from one of these will equate to a success (broken bones, contusions, concussions).

4. Stun Gun

Star Warrior

It may look like a movie prop used in movies such as Con Air and The Last Boy Scout, but the stun gun pictured nearby is a very effective non-lethal option.

When someone gets aggressive and tries to come at you, the electric current streaming from even the medium strength devices will adjust their attitudes at the speed of light. Even if they try to grab at the weapon, it’s gonna hit them like a lightning bolt.

5. Tactical Flashlightkootek

The term “tactical” has certainly been thrown around so much lately that it’s lost some of its meaning. When it comes to tactical flashlights, there term isn’t pure marketing.

Most tactical flashlights are designed with self-defense in mind, i.e. striking. Many of these flashlights have raised ridges surrounding the lens. This is not purely aesthetic; it’s a striking edge designed for stabbing, twisting, and bludgeoning.

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6. Taserstaser-pulse-black-2

More than perhaps any other self-defense product on this list, tasers come in a wider variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations that have been made possible by the wonders of technology.

If you want an obvious weapon that resembles a handgun in shape (see nearby image) and clearly appears to be a weapon, then there’s a taser for you…

7. Your Bare Hands (Self-defense Classes)

Chuck Norris

Someone that loved Chuck Norris probably  invested in a self-defense class or two when he was a boy, and the rest is history. He’s just a bad-ass, hands down. Self-defense classes that are gifted toward a special someone you know can’t go wrong in this regard, and they are great for overall body conditioning.

They’re also an excellent way to learn respect, discipline and build your self-esteem while overpowering your opponent. The classes can be taught privately or in a group and generally run anywhere between $75 to $100 per one hour lesson. So…gift that special someone with a path to a skill-set that will make them a bad-ass. Chuck Norris would approve.

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