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73 Year Old Man Attacked By Great White Shark That Jumped Into His Boat [VIDEO]

A 73 year old man was minding his own business when a 440 pound shark jumped into his boat, knocked him off his seat and onto the deck of his small power boat until he was face to face with the monster.

 A 73-year-old fisherman has had a terrifying brush with death after a monster great white shark weighing 200 kilograms jumped out of the water and into his boat.

Terry Selwood, from Evans Head on the NSW north coast, was fishing at a bank just off shore over the weekend when he was confronted by the enormous man-eater.

He was knocked off his feet by the 2.7 metre-long beast, but was able to escape the potentially deadly position after finding himself face-to-face with the shark.

Managing to dial in local marine rescue volunteers with his radio, Mr Selwood was covered in blood with deep lacerations to his right forearm by the time help arrived.

‘There I was on all fours and he’s looking at me and I’m looking at him and then he started to do the dance around and shake and I couldn’t get out quick enough onto the gunwale,’ Mr Selwood said.

‘I was losing a fair amount of blood, I was stunned, I couldn’t register what happened and then I thought “oh my God, I’ve got to get out of here”.’

The conditions were calm and Mr Selwood said there was no surface fish or clear reason why the shark would breach.

‘I was using two little bits of blue pilchard to fish for snapper on the bottom of the ocean, but that line was straight under the boat, not out the back where he came from,’ he said.

‘For some unknown reason he just launched himself out of the water and he must have come up four feet out of the water to clear my outboard motor and drop straight in the boat.’

Marine rescue worker Lance Fountain said Mr Selwood was 'quite shook up' and covered in blood by the time help arrived

'I was losing a fair amount of blood, I was stunned, I couldn't register what happened and then I thought oh my God, I've got to get out of here,' Mr Selwood said

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