81-year-old Loses Her Beloved Dog, Completely Breaks Down When Her Son Hands Her A New Pug [WATCH]

When eighty-year-old grandmother Ann lost her beloved rat terrier, she was completely devastated. She began sharing videos and photos of rescue dogs on Facebook. After a while, her son Charlie and his wife realized that she was sharing these videos because she was looking for a new dog to bring home. So, they decided to find the perfect dog for her!


Charlie and his wife have a pug who Ann loves, so they decided to get her a pug of her own. They found an adorable puppy who they knew would be perfect for Ann. They adopted the sweet little pug and brought her over to Ann’s house to surprise her. Ann’s daughter-in-law recorded Ann’s amazing reaction to her new dog.

As the video begins, Ann’s daughter-in-law tells Ann to keep her eyes closed. Charlie brings over the puppy, and once Ann sees the pug, she’s so excited she can barely even speak.

“Do you love her?” Ann’s daughter-in-law asks her.

Ann is still in shock, and all she can say is, “This is mine?”

Ann hugs the little pug, who contently rests against Ann’s chest. Ann begins to cry tears of joy as she realizes that she’ll get to keep the pug.

The video shows how good Ann is with dogs—she’s definitely going to be a great pug mom! Watch Ann’s priceless reaction to her adorable new pug in the video below.


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