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[Video] Chicago Gang Member Shot and Killed Live on Facebook


For the second time this year a man is shot dead as he is live streaming on Facebook.  Antonio Perkins was live streaming on his Facebook page in Chicago, mugging for the camera, when he began looking around just as shots rang out and he was mortally wounded.  Coincidentally, Survivor Chicago has been cancelled this year as no one survived.  Chicago, which has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, sits near the top of the most violent cities in the United States, because the law abiding citizens cannot protect themselves and the wide spread gang related problem.

Fun: The video begins with Antonio Perkins (pictured right), 28, and pals playing around on a Chicago block

Friends: Perkins swings the phone around to show his friends gathered together - and a child's buggy can also be seen in the background

From The Daily Mail:

The video starts with Perkins and a female friend drinking and playing around with his phone on the the north end of the 1600 block of South Drake Avenue at around 8:45pm.

She hands the phone back to Perkins, who remarks that it’s ‘Hot. Mom, I’m hot.’  

He then pans the phone around to show his friends on their block party and their items, including baby strollers. A few minutes later a child can he heard.

At around five and a half minutes into the video, Perkins glances up at something off camera, and seems to look a little worried. He goes quiet and looks a little tense.

Suddenly there’s a cry of ‘What?’ from off-camera and Perkins begins to move – then multiple gunshots are heard as the camera tumbles into the grass at Perkins’s feet.

There are shouts and cries of fear and surprise as gunshots continue. 

Perkins appears to try to pick up the phone while he is on the ground, and blood-smeared grass can be seen, as well as a brief glimpse of his face.

Another man is seen hiding behind a car as someone shouts ‘Tony’s f****** down, n****!’ 

Then the screen goes black as voices can be heard screaming for help and telling ‘Tony’ to stay conscious.–Bc

Perkins’ friends can be heard encouraging him to live but to no avail.  Two others were shot, but their injuries are believed to be non life threatening.  Perkins’ brother was shot and killed a couple of years ago.

There have been 278 people killed this year, 64 in May alone.

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