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Police Officer Suffers Broken Vertebrae, 20 Other Officers Injured


A police officer suffered a broken vertebrae when a concrete block was dropped on his head and another 20 officers were injured when protesters in St Paul became violent and pelted police with rocks, bottles and rebar (Solid steel rods).  About 100 protesters were arrested between Saturday night and Sunday early morning.  Protesters blocked Interstate #94, where about 50 protesters were arrested for blocking traffic.  Some protesters were up on overpasses throwing bricks and rebar and drinks on the officers below.

From StarTribune:

The violence perpetrated by some of the protesters against the police prompted denouncement in the strongest terms by St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Police Chief Todd Axtell, who called the pelting of officers with rocks, bottles and other items “a disgrace.”

 Axtell said 21 officers from all law enforcement agencies on the scene were injured in the mayhem. One of them suffered a broken vertebrae after a concrete block was dropped on his head, police said late Sunday afternoon. The State Patrol said six of the 21 were troopers who were slightly hurt by what the protesters were throwing.

President Obama weighed in Sunday on protesters directing violence against police, saying at a news conference during a one-day stop in Madrid that “any violence directed at police officers is a reprehensible crime.”

Gov. Mark Dayton, whose official residence on Summit Avenue has become a focus for many protesters over the past several days, said Sunday that “the occupation and shutting down of Interstate 94 last night were unlawful and extremely dangerous. … I urge all Minnesotans to remain calm and peaceful during this very difficult time.”

Roughly 50 of the arrests came during the “freeway riot,” which began shortly before nightfall Saturday and continued until police began taking people into custody shortly after 1 a.m., allowing the interstate to be reopened in both directions, said police spokesman Steve Linders.

“More than 20 verbal warnings” to disperse were issued before the apprehensions began, the State Patrol said in a statement. A total of 49 adults and one juvenile face charges of third-degree riot, the patrol added.

The 50 protesters are still being held in jail, while the other protesters were only given appearance tickets.  (I’ll bet the protesters next target will be George Soros for taking too much time to pay their bail)

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