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Ted Nugent Unloads on Hillary With Both Barrels


The first time I saw Ted Nugent, I was sitting on a blanket on a tarp in the middle of the playing area in Giant Stadium.  It rained all day, so of course we were all soaked because the tarp was waterproofed and wouldn’t allow the water to drain.  I won’t go into what he said between songs, let’s just say I could be banned by Facebook for repeating it.  I loved his music but hated his persona.  Now, over thirty five years later, I can relate to both.

A lot of people have commented on Hillary’s drug induced rant against every day working men and women but no one is more direct or to the point than Ted is on his Facebook post on the matter:

According to one of or quite possibly THE most deplorable, dishonest, lying, cheating, thieving, America hating scam artrists of alltimes, Hillary Clinton, my family, friends & all really good, productive Americans are delporable.

Deplorable because we know we should enforce our immigration laws.

Deplorable because we don’t want to allow anyone into America without first knowing their background and what they believe.

I’m deplorable because, unlike the legions of politically correct zombie supporters of this nasty criminal Hillary, I know political correctness in all its various machinations is a public cancer that rots free expression & is destroying the very foundations of America.

Deplorable because I believe Fedzilla give-away programs are soul rotting addictive dope that creates dependent addicts of sheeple.

I’m deplorable because I know the daily engineered recidivism gun-related violence in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Newark & South Central and other urban runaway punkcenters is the result of a lack of responsible parents in the home—not easy access to guns.

Deplorable because I know President Obama has done less for black Americans than any other president in modern times.

I’m deplorable because I know that less government is best government.

Deplorable because I know the engine of our nation has been strangled by President Obama & braindead bloodsucking leftists over the last seven and half years and that Hillary will continue to choke it to death if she’s elected.

Deplorable because I know that a man, regardless how he feels about his sexual orientation on a given day, does not need to be in the same restroom as a little girl.

Deplorable because I know I’m a free man, not some blind fool with a ring through his nose.

To Hillary, I’m deplorable. Contrarily to my Americans solidly in the asset column addicted to logic, truth, common sense, goodwill, decency & pragmatism, I’m off the charts adorable.

Make America America again-Vote Trump & educate all the people in your lives to know evil when they see & hear it, and vote Trump in November or say good-bye to the land of the free & the home of the brave.

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