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Kingston, Pennsylvania

If you ever find yourself in Northeast Pennsylvania, be sure to stop by this small little borough of Luzerne County. Kingston, Pa. is home to over 13,000 residents, of which the median age is 46. Although Kingston is a small borough, it is five miles from Wilkes-Barre, and 20 from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Despite it’s population, there are many great things about Kingston, from eateries, to pizza shops, to family owned businesses.

History of Kingston

It started in 1663, when King Charles was given the land, and gave access to it for people in Connecticut. It was the boundary between the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean. Around this time – Charles owed a friend, Admiral Penn a massive amount of money. Although he couldn’t afford it, they came to an agreement that he would give a small piece of land In Northeast Pennsylvania to Penn’s son, William. It wasn’t until 1742 that people began to take interest in the Valley, when many Christians from Connecticut began to settle to the area. Later, in 1831 – at the request of many citizen’s, that the land around Kingston Corners was converted into what we now call ‘Kingston Township’. As people settled the population increased, and schools and businesses began to pop up. The history, Hoyt Library was among one of the first buildings to be constructed – and is still there to this day.

Restaurants in Kingston

Thanks to the website 570MENU, an online menu directory for restaurants of Northeast Pennsylvania, it is easy to find the many family owned restaurants of the area. Some of those great family owned restaurants include: Peking Chef, III Guys, and Antonio’s Pizza. The greatest part of these Kingston restaurants is that they provide great quality, affordable and convenient food that everyone will enjoy. They are definitely something worth checking out if you find yourself In Northeast Pennsylvania.

Kingston Community

The film The English Teacher was set in Kingston, Pennsylvania – it features references to the Wyoming Valley Region and Wilkes University. Additionally, Fleck Hall on campus with other schools.

Kingston operates under a home rule charter, the legislative function is vested in a seven-member council, which also calls for a full time municipal administrator. The current major is James J. Haggerty, who has been elected since 1997! It goes to show that Kingston is a small enough town to have things happen, but also remaining a safe place for anyone to stop by for a visit.

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