Pelosi Heavily Slurs “PRESCRIPTION DRUGS” On LIVE TV Meltdown! Mentally UNFIT! RESIGN NOW!

77-year-old democratic congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, is in severe need of retirement and her last press conference proves just that.

For month now any and every Pelosi speech has been riddled with inaccuracies and ramblings that are more or less incoherent to the rest of us. Rather than gracefully accepting her age and limitations, Pelosi continues to embarrass herself and the party with her inability to publicly speak. Her recent attempt to relate current events to the times of Martin Luther as it’s Martin Luther King day in Monday. Sadly her thoughts were lost on the public as she slurred her speech and made numerous misspoken statements. Sad is the word that comes to mind when watching this latest attempt at a press conference.

Via Everyday Conservative:

Pelosi had intended to use Rev. Martin Luther King’s legacy as a political talking point in pushing a progressive agenda of socialized medicine, however, what ensued was a rambling, incoherent performance, reminiscent of her past performances, which seems to have become more problematic with each year.

The congresswoman retreated to her notes time and again attempting to display a cohesive presentation to the media that had gathered to report on her press conference.

At one point she stumbled within her remarks appearing confused saying she was “inspired by Dr. King’s call for fairness, opportunity, and… equal oppor— opportunity, and equal acc— uh, acc– access to equality.”

Watch Here:

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