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Abortion death leaves family burdened with funeral expenses, fund set up

Cree Erwin

Cree Erwin


This past Fourth of July, instead of an Independence Day celebration, the mother of Cree Erwin, found her daughter in the early morning hours, lying dead in her own bed, cold as ice due to a botched abortion and now, the family has struggled to pay her funeral expenses.

24-year old Cree Erwin, in her final hours of life, struggled with complications due to the abortion she had less than four days earlier, Operation Rescue reported.

Cree began to experience intolerable abdominal pain. On the night of July 2, Tanya took her suffering daughter to the emergency room at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. There, Cree was supposedly given pain medication and told to see her family physician the next day. She was discharged just after midnight on the morning of July 3 but by morning, Erwin was dead.

While it remains unknown where Ms. Erwin received her abortion, the closest abortion facility to Battle Creek is the Kalamazoo Health Center Planned Parenthood, which has a history of medical emergencies, the most recent of which took place on September 10, 2015.

Michigan Right to Life had informed Operation Rescue that it was able to confirm with relative certainty that the abortionist on duty at the Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood on Tuesday, June 28, when Ms. Erwin is said to have had her abortion, was Mandy Gittler.

Gittler was involved in another patient death while working at a Chicago Planned Parenthood abortion facility in 2012. Gittler conducted a second-trimester abortion on Reaves, during which she punctured Reaves uterus. Gittler delayed calling for medical assistance for 5 ½ hours while Reaves suffered internal bleeding.

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“I am saddened and sickened by the death of this beautiful young woman, who had so much life ahead of her. How many more women have to die before we all realize that we cannot tolerate the human tragedy that abortion inflicts on women, families, and communities,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “My prayers are with Cree Ervin’s family during this difficult time.”

“If it turns out Gittler was involved in Ms. Erwin’s death, Planned Parenthood has a lot to answer for,” said Newman. “Needless to say, the family was caught unaware, not expecting to have to bury their daughter so young. They set up a Go Fund Me page on July 7th seeking $3,000 toward their expenses.”

“Sadly, they did not reach their goal and the actual costs were three times that at $9,000 and had to borrow the funds to bury her. To help the family retire the debt, a GoFund me page was set up and one hundred percent of all donations will go straight to the family.”

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