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After UN Disrespects Trump During His Speech, Melania Wipes Their Smug Smiles Off Their Faces

Of course, the globalists at the United Nations have never been a fan of America but they sure liked Obama since he was hell-bent on destroying us.

After Trump was elected they knew that he would work hard to return our country to its former glory and regain our sovereignty. So, when Trump spoke in front of the United Nations earlier this week the globalists were not too happy and made their nasty opinions known.

In fact, during Trump’s speech, the media began to report that the leaders of the world began to laugh at him.

However, Melania Trump had something to say to these slimeballs wiping their smug smiles off their faces for good.

Here is more from Conservative Tribune:

However, first lady Melania Trump came to the president’s defense afterward as she was leaving the United Nations building in New York. When asked what she thought of the speech, she grinned at reporters and simply said, “fantastic.”


She seemed obviously pleased with her husband’s speech. This support and affection for him comes in contrast to how the left often tries to characterize her as disliking, or merely enduring, her husband.

That is what one would call a class act.

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