Aggressive Passenger Attempts FAKE Rape Charge On Uber Driver Gets A HARD Lesson [VIDEO]

An unidentified Uber driver received threats from a woman passenger over the lack of phone charger in his car. She told him to beat herself up, scream for help, call a police then tell them that the driver was raping her.

The driver captured and posted the footage of an argument between him and a female passenger online last week after she started uttering racially motivated abuse and threatened to have him jailed for attacking her.

On the video, he attempted to explain to her that he does not have phone charger and Uber does not require them. Then he humbly offered the raciest woman to take her to her destination; however, she still told him to hurt herself, call a police, spit his face, and even violate him.

The driver showed the video to the Uber office and discussed the video after management left “speechless” by the way he was treated.

He said “dashcam” is a valuable tool that can help all drivers to prove that they have done nothing wrong.  Especially, when there are no witnesses to incidents.

He also gave advises to other drivers not to get aggressive when a passenger becomes angry and assured them they had the support of Uber.

The driver was working for Uber for about two years already. Because of what he has done, Uber offered him undisclosed amount of money and a token gift.

“The behavior in this video is abusive and completely unacceptable. As our community guidelines make clear, this will not be tolerated by anyone who uses Uber,” a spokesperson told Nine.com.au.

The Uber spokesperson confirmed that they already banned the woman from using their cab service.

The driver released a second video on Saturday explaining the giant’s response and urging every Uber driver to protect themselves from fake allegations.

According to Daily Mail, the video, recorded in the Bronx in New York, has flashed criticisms against the woman with many praising the ‘patient’ driver.


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