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Alabama Fast Food Workers Snub Cops…

Is that a good idea? Apparently not. And what were they thinking? Let’s hope they don’t get into trouble anytime soon.

An officer stopped at a Krystal restaurant for a bite, and thought the employees were just not paying attention when he was ignored. Upon further attempts to order food, he found out it was no mistake– the employees were snubbing the cop. 

After the Irondale officer’s experience, his enraged wife took to social media. “It’s a shame that police officers that protect and serve their communities are denied service,” Brittany Urresta posted with a map pin-pointing the establishment. “After waiting in the drive-thru in his patrol car, they never acknowledged my husband’s order. He went inside in his uniform and every worker walked away from the counter to the back of the store.”

Krystal corporate got wind of the incident and issued a statement. They admit the employees were wrong, but not that they disrespected the officer. A spokesperson explains that the employees were just being irresponsible. 

Kim Miller told that ‘the service he experienced was unacceptable, but it was also unacceptable for the other three guests in front of him at the counter and at the drive-thru.’

“The officer was not targeted, but neither he nor our other guests received the level of service they should,” said Miller.

The Krystal company issued a statement inviting the entire Irondale Police department in for a meal to show their appreciation to law enforcement officers. 

“We value their contributions and the relationship we have with them and with police departments in all of our communities,” the statement read. “If this officer in any way felt slighted, we want him to know that we apologize and that was in no way, shape or form our intent.”

So they don’t hate cops, they just have terrible service in general— that’s not the greatest advertising campaign.


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