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Another Cop has Been Ambushed in Houston, Texas

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For at least the third time since late August of last year, a Houston cop has been ambushed.   Deputy Constable Alden Clopton, was leaning in the window of a squad car, talking to a reserve deputy, when a man came up from behind and started firing .  He hit Deputy Clopton four times, sent two more into the patrol car and one into the ground.  Police are describing the incident Wednesday night as an “absolute ambush.”

Clopton was taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery.  The doctors decided against taking the bullets out but did treat his wounds.  He has been placed in Intensive Care but is expected to survive, because as the doctor said Clopton is one tough guy.  He has been on the police force for 11 years.

Today a man fitting the description of the shooter turned himself in to the fire department.  Police have no idea why he did that, but they are now questioning him but have as yet, not charged him.

As reported by Local 740 KTRH :

Deputy Constable identified as Alden Clopton according to Harris County Precinct Seven Constable’s Office spokesperson Pamela Greenwood, the deputy parked his patrol vehicle at the Alabama Store Market on Alabama and Briley, near the Texas Southern University campus around midnight after a traffic stop. He was leaning into the vehicle talking to a reserve deputy trainee in the passenger’s seat, when an unknown person approached from behind and shot him, she said. The deputy, who was not immediately identified, was shot six times in the side and back and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital and into surgery. Greenwood adds, the deputy has two bullets lodged in his abdomen, one near his heart.  It is unknown if the deputy will survive.

No other information has been released at the time of this writing.


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