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Another Liberal Group Is Demanding That So-Called ‘Dangerous Firearms Regulated’

The executive director of Generation Progress, described by The Hill as a “progressive advocacy group,” told Hill.TV this week that the federal government should regulate “dangerous firearms” in the wake of a settlement between the Justice Department and Defense Distributed over online publication of 3-D gun technology.

Defense Distributed and Cody Wilson had been in a five-year battle over his free speech rights, after the DOJ ordered Wilson to take down information he had posted 3-D files online. The Second Amendment Foundation sued on his behalf some three years ago, during the Obama administration, and the settlement was announced earlier this week.

This evidently alarms anti-gunners. Generation Progress Executive Director Maggie Thompson told Hill.TV, “Congress has really hamstrung the ability for ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] to track these things and this will make it more difficult.”

The 3-D technology could make it possible for people to produce their own firearms. Thompson’s group, The Hill noted, “focuses on outreach to millennials.”

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