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Anti Gun New Town Voters Aren’t So Anti Gun After All – Donald Beats Hillary There

It turns out all that anti-gun rhetoric coming from the Obama administration and the main-stream-media after the New Town shootings was a bunch of bunk. Who knew? Could it be possible that they’ve been lying all this time, and the victims of New Town and their loved ones believe an armed society is safer than an unarmed society. Well of course they’re and of course they do! Just look at the voting results in the 2016 POTUS primary.

Breitbart.com reports The Donald brought out many more voters than the anti gun Hillary supporters. What a revelation!

During Connecticut’s April 26 primaries, pro-gun Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump received more votes in Newtown than anti-gun Hillary Clinton.

Newtown, where Sandy Hook Elementary School is located, became the epicenter of the gun control movement following Adam Lanza’s heinous December 2012 attack on the school.

According to the Newtown Patch, pro-gun Trump received “1,564 votes” from Newtown voters, while anti-gun Clinton received “1,362 votes.”

And just look at some of the gun control spin and lies by the MSM and the Obama administration.


I’m sure you’ll remember this from Obama, as he cried about New Town:

And then there is propaganda like this:

And there were elections that say they were won or lost on gun control issues.

WaPo reported: Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy (D) said on Sunday that state gun control measures passed after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown helped him pick up votes in the town against his Republican opponent.

Malloy defeated Republican Tom Foley this week in a rematch of the race from 2010. Four years ago, Foley defeated Malloy by nearly 21 percentage points in Newtown, but this year, the race was much closer, with Foley only edging out Malloy 51 percent to 48 percent, MSNBC host Steve Kornacki noted on his show “Up” on Sunday.

But it doesn’t appear that’s how it will shake out for Hillary in NewTown in 2016.



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