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Authorities Reveal ANOTHER Sick Way ISIS Plans To Slaughter Americans


Western countries are in a war with Islamic agenda overtaking the citizens and beliefs in big ways, and one of the biggest problems is the never-ending terror attacks. Every possible weapon has been used from guns to bombs and now vehicles. Therein lies the true fear. Unfortunately, vehicle attacks are nothing new in European countries, but now there is more and more concern being raised in the United States over these type of attacks due to the ease with which one can commit them. It takes very little effort or even planning to grab a vehicle and plow through a large crowd of unsuspecting people, especially in our bigger metropolitan cities.

According to Pamela Geller :


Last month, attackers using a vehicle and knives killed eight people and wounded dozens more on London Bridge. A couple of weeks later in an incident nearby, a man drove into people leaving mosques after Ramadan services, killing one and injuring 10. And in May, a man driving in New York’s Times Square plowed into a crowd during lunchtime, killing one person and injuring 22. While authorities said the incident was not terrorism, the Islamic State, inspired by the crash, used it to warn that more attacks on the nation’s largest city and popular tourist destination would follow.

“There’s unfortunately almost no end to the number of times these things happen by accident and, unfortunately, it is increasing the number of times these things are happening on purpose,” said Rob Reiter, a pedestrian safety expert and chief security consultant at Calpipe Security Bollards, one of the nation’s top bollard manufacturers.

In June, Clark County commissioners told their staff to begin taking bids for the installation of hundreds of steel posts between the street and sidewalks along the Las Vegas Strip. “This one is really a matter of life or death,” Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak said. “We’re going to have an event, whether it’s a medical episode or a DUI, where a car could get up onto that sidewalk.”

The latest threat has cities in Europe, Australia and North America making new investments, from barriers along a number of bridges across the River Thames in London to retractable bollards in the tourist area of Surfers Paradise in eastern Australia. Vehicle barriers along roads around the All England club were among the enhanced security measures surrounding Wimbledon this week.

In Washington, D.C., which is filled with high-profile targets as the nation’s capital, law enforcement officials would not discuss specific tactics, but acknowledged that they are pursuing various means to protect pedestrians, including the installation of more bollards on city streets. “We are always trying to stay a step ahead of these terrorists,” Assistant D.C. Police Chief Jeffery Carroll said.

While many law enforcement agencies are doing all they can to keep citizens safe, it is still going to be a waiting game for many to see when, not if,  the next attack will be. Let’s hope we can begin to clean our country of those that have intentions to murder us by the thousands before any more are senselessly murdered by the Islamic State.

H/T [ Pamela Geller ]

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