Avenatti’s Kavanaugh Gang Rape Accusation Blows Up in His Face

Stormy Daniel’s creepy lawyer, Michael Avenatti has been going around for two days, claiming that he had a huge story coming out about Kavanaugh belonging to a group who would gang rape high school girls. He made all the news outlets and it looked like the Kavanaugh confirmation was in big trouble, but as it turned out, he was punked by 2 guys from 4chan. They had contacted him using burner phones and after they set him up, they destroyed the phones. Then, Avenatti went on TV and blasted out his big news, only to end up with egg on his face.

From The Gateway Pundit

A poster at 4chan made an unconfirmed claim Tuesday morning that he and his girlfriend punked porn star attorney and Trump antagonist Michael Avenatti. The two said they were behind Avenatti going public with an outrageously false story accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his prep school classmate Mark Judge of plying women at school era parties with drugs and alcohol so they could be gang raped by a “train” of men.


Avenatti abruptly locked his Twitter account Tuesday, claiming it was the result of attacks by bots and trolls.

The 4chan poster claims Avenatti locked his account after he and his girlfriend broke the burner phones they had used to communicate the hoax to Avenatti, leaving him unable to contact them after a flurry of phone calls over several days. Avenatti had used his Twitter account to make public his the accusations against Kavanaugh and Judge.  Avenatti made some of the accusations in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sunday night. Text versions of below 4chan text.

Now, he claims he wasn’t fooled. What a creepy little man.

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