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Bernie Sanders Shows What He Thinks About Memorial Day



Bernie Sanders showed disrespect to Memorial Day, by falling asleep in his chair.  Unfortunately, he was spotted by a Hillary supporter who took his picture and spread it across social media.

Breitbart News:

Zoe Dunning, a gay rights activist, veteran, Hillary Clinton supporter, and high-ranking member of the San Francisco Democratic Party, posted the photograph to Facebook, with the following message:

Attending the Memorial Day Ceremony honoring the over 1 million Americans who have lost their lives serving our country, and watching Bernie Sanders fall asleep during it. There is nothing I can really add here. #imwithher

Responses on Facebook were less than enthusiastic. One man, Richard Stone, posted:

Zoe, thanx for your service. But I’m VFW and elected green (county council) and I still honor Bernie’s dedication to veterans rights. This is sheer artifice and a desperate attempt to disparage someone who has a stellar record of vets rights, nothing more to add here, #SMDFH

Another, Patrick Connors, was sarcastic, and scathing:

Aren’t old people the worst?? He clearly hates all veterans. Nothing political about that on Memorial Day, eh? That’s the San Francisco Democratic Party for you….never failing to miss an opportunity to act like a Republican!

It was great news for Las Vegas bookies.  A ton of money was bet on Obama being the most embarrassing and disrespectful politician on Memorial Day.  Obama made a great try and in another year would have undoubtedly won.

Sander has been crisscrossing California, in a desperate attempt to win the California primary on June 7th.  It would be a major blow to the Clinton campaign and would give Sanders some leverage in trying to turn some of the super delegates away from Hillary, denying her enough votes to win the nomination in the first vote.  He has been running nonstop and that high powered screaming of his must take a lot out of a person even if he wasn’t almost 200 years old.

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