BLM Protester Tries To Justify Violence Against Police



What if you took a BLM protester and tested their IQ with the intention of rounding it off to the nearest number, only to find out their IQ isn’t near any numbers?  You could have done that if you had been watching “MSNBC Live” today with  Stephanie Ruhle.  She was interviewing BLM protester and the executive director of the group Breakout,  Shaena Johnson.  Johnson laid the Baton Rouge trouble at the feet of the police, who only were there because the protests are violent.

Ruhle asked Johnson:

“But Shaena, it’s not entirely safe for the police officers. We can’t say it’s absolutely one-sided. One police officer in Baton Rouge had his teeth knocked out. We know police officers in Minnesota were injured. One had a cinder block dropped on his head. So there is some amount of two-way tension.”

Johnson replied:

“Yes, absolutely. I can’t speak for what happened in Minnesota and I believe the issue with the police department officer having their teeth knocked out, I’m not saying that it’s permissible but I think that was one event of a police officer being attacked. We have reports of hundreds of citizens being attacked by police.”

“So I’m not going to say it is one-sided, however there is a distinct difference between the actions of the protesters and the actions of the police.”

Following her reasoning, shouldn’t police arrest her for assault against the officer, whose teeth were knocked out?  After all, the person who committed the crime was a BLM protester and Johnson is a BLM protester.  Just sayin’.


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