BOOM: Witness Swears Under Oath That Julie Swetnick Loves Sex With Multiple Men

A former Democratic Candidate and Lover of Julie Swetnick has signed an affidavit under the penalty of felony, that Julie Swetnick told him that she enjoyed sex with two or more men at a time. He also swore to the fact that her father told him that Julie had mental problems. This is a major bombshell because it would mean that she may have pulled a consensual train at one of the parties. It also means that multiple sex partners did not traumatize her. The witness is Dennis Ketterer, a former Democratic candidate and weatherman in Utah.

Here is his partial statement.

 “During a conversation about our sexual preferences, things got derailed when Julie told me that she liked to have sex with more than one guy at a time. In fact sometimes with several at one time. She wanted to know if that would be ok in our relationship.


“I asked her if this was just a fantasy of hers. She responded that she first tried sex with multiple guys while in high school and still liked it from time-to-time. She brought it up because she wanted to know if I would be interested in that.”

“Julie never said anything about being sexually assaulted, raped, gang-raped or having sex against her will. She never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh in any capacity.”

“Because I had lost Julie’s number I called her father to get it. When I talked to him about possibly bringing her on to help with my campaign, he told me that she had psychological and other problems at the time.”

“I know what it’s like to be sexually assaulted and not be believed. I was 9 years old when it happened at the hands of my grandfather’s best friend.”

“My heart still feels heavy, for me as well as Julie and the Kavanaughs. That said, based on my direct experience with Julie, I do not believe her allegations against Mr. Kavanaugh.”


You can read the full statement  HERE

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