California Is Now One Step Closer To Forcing Public Universities To Provide Abortion Pills


From The Daily Caller:

California’s state assembly passed a bill Wednesday that will require public universities to stock their health centers with abortion pills so that students don’t have to travel to have an abortion.

Senate Bill 320, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Connie Leyva, mandates the state’s community colleges and public universities provide women with abortion pills for up to 10 weeks of pregnancy so students don’t have to travel to abort. The measure also requires the state’s public university health centers that don’t already offer abortion pills to provide transportation to an abortion facility or to arrange an abortion for students requesting the procedure.

The bill passed the assembly and now heads to California Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. Brown is expected to sign the bill into law.

The state’s health centers already provide reproductive services like birth control, condoms and STD testing, but SB 320 would also require the schools to cover the cost of the abortions.

Abortion radicals are running the state of California.

Here is more from KCRA:

The California Assembly has voted to require all public universities to offer medication abortions at their campus health centers.

The measure approved Wednesday would make California the first state with such a mandate.

None of the 34 University of California or California State University campuses currently offer abortion services.


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