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Chicago’s Dem Mayor Rahm Emanuel Looks to Sue Jussie Smollett

It is disgusting that Jussie Smollett was able to walk away after causing so much upheaval in the nation.


However, in a shocking turn of events, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is not too pleased with this turn of events and is planning on doing something about it.

Here is more Fox News:

After publicly blasting the decision to drop 16 charges against embattled “Empire” star Jussie Smollett, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is considering suing the actor to recoup some of the money the city wasted on the lengthy investigation, according to reports.

Emanuel wants to recoup close to $150,000, CBS News reported. Charges against Smollett were dropped after 16 hours of community service and an agreement to forfeit his $10,000, a figure Emanuel said Tuesday “doesn’t even come close to what the city spent in resources” on the case.

While the exact cost of the Smollett investigation is unknown, 24 detectives were removed from regular cases, expending up to 1,000 hours, overtime not included to work on the Smollett case. Police also spent dozens of hours of examining surveillance video from 55 city pod cams and private cameras. They also executed 50 search warrants and subpoenas for phone, social media and financial documents. During the 23-day investigation, Chicago was also hit with at least 20 murders and 134 sexual assaults, according to the Chicago Police Department’s crime statistics.

Both Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson were visibly furious Tuesday after hearing that prosecutors had abruptly dropped all charges against Smollett, abandoning the high-profile criminal case only five weeks after the allegations were filed.

Emanuel, who leaves office in May after two terms, said Wednesday it was unconscionable for prosecutors to dismiss the case.

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