CIA Official Reveals Obama’s Shadow Government’s Plan To Take Down America


Since Donald Trump assumed the office of President of the United States, the militant left, Barack Obama, and the Clinton machine continue in their effort to destroy President Donald Trump. Thankfully they have failed because the American people see right through these malicious and diabolical efforts. Now, a former CIA employee, Clare M. Lopez, is claiming the Obama Administration leading all the way up to the time Donald Trump was sworn in, have systematically allowed the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, to penetrate various levels of the American Government. An example of this can be found with the appointment of Mohamed Elibiary, as a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. Mr. Elibiary advocates a partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood and organization with known terrorist ties, and he has even stated via twitter that a ‘Caliphate’ is coming.

In July of 2013, Clare Lopez presented the road-map for how the Muslim Brotherhood with the blessing of the Obama Administration infiltrated the United States Government. The event was sponsored by the United West Savannah, GA operation. United West describes themselves as an organization with a mission focused on fighting against the invasion of Sharia law in the United States of America. “The United West is dedicated to defending and advancing Western Civilization against the kinetic and cultural onslaught of Sharia Islam so that America remains a land of freedom, justice, and opportunity grounded in the principles of our Constitutional Republic. The United West has taken up this challenge because the ever increasing forces of darkness, whether political, social, or philosophical seek to destroy, subvert or subjugate all that Americans hold to be right and true”. During the presentation, Ms. Lopez points out that Ayman al-Zawahiri, one of the top leaders of Al Qaeda, in November 2008, addressed then President Elect Obama with the following statement in his broadcast, “You must also appreciate, as you take over the presidency of America during its Crusade against Islam and Muslims, that you are neither facing individuals nor organizations but are facing a Jihadi awakening and renaissance which is shaking the pillars of the entire Muslim world, and this is the fact which you and your government and country refuse to recognize and pretend not to see.” Examining the behavior of President Obama with his appointment of a known Muslim Brotherhood conspirator demonstrates how Ayman al-Zawahiri was correct, to a point.

It has been well established that Obama has a hatred of Christians, seen via his Christian refugee immigration policy and the abortion drug provisions in Obamacare, which he tried to force on organizations such as The Little Sisters of the Poor. The Muslim Brotherhood infiltration during the Obama Administration was no accident. Obama once stated to the United Nations General Assembly, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  This is a very disturbing statement coming from a sitting President.

Ms. Lopez goes on to show that Al-Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood are the same because they have the same goals. One, to establish a Caliphate and two, for Sharia to be the law of the land. Yet, Obama during his Presidency, saw fit to appoint Mohamed Elibiary as a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. This appointment of Mohamed Elibiary is how the Muslim Brotherhood furthers their agenda which is in stark contrast to the United States Constitution. It is an established fact that President Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform America.” Perhaps his collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood and his placating to the UN was part of his envisioned transformation along with the now infamous Obama Apology Tour.

Clare Lopez was not simply a former CIA pencil pusher employee, she was also the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy  among many other impressive roles during her career with the CIA. Suffice it to say she is an expert. You can view Ms. Lopez’s entire presentation here.

The final piece to demonstrate that Obama and his administration had no problem collaborating with a terrorist organization is seen via of something called PSD-11. As reported by Bill Gertz of The Washington Times, “The policy of backing the Muslim Brotherhood is outlined in a secret directive called Presidential Study Directive-11, or PSD-11. The directive was produced in 2011 and outlines administration support for political reform in the Middle East and North Africa, according to officials familiar with the classified study. The directive outlines why the administration has chosen the Muslim Brotherhood, which last year was labeled a terrorist organization by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates as a key vehicle of U.S. backing for so-called political reform in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia in recent months appears to be moderating its opposition to the Brotherhood in a bid to gain more regional support against pro-Iran rebels in Yemen”.

So, we have established that a sitting U.S. President actively collaborated with a known terrorist organization, as verified from multiple sources. This will be Obama’s legacy. Thankfully, President Trump has reversed the course of Obama’s lethal “fundamental transformation of America”.

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