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CNN Analyst Goes Off Script: Lights Up Anchor, Shows Her Real Reason Americans Are TICKED with Nike

On CNN’s New Day Saturday, right-leaning CNN contributor Ben Ferguson again demonstrated why he is one of the few bright spots on the otherwise liberal news network as he explained to apparently befuddled host Christi Paul why it is that many Americans are offended by the NFL kneeling campaign inspired by ex-player Colin Kaepernick.

During the segment in which the CNN host accepted the liberal spin that kneeling during the National Anthem had a “very valid” aim of drawing attention to “systemic racism and police brutality,” at one point she seemed confused about why people perceive the protests negatively as she posed:


People complain, you know if somebody marches in the street — they complain if they rally. This protest is not about the flag. Why is it that people cannot seem to separate the focus of this protest about police brutality and African-Americans and how they are treated with patriotism?

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