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CNN Has Become So Bad They Cannot Even Beat The Food Network In Ratings

Over the last several months, CNN has been struggling to stay relevant as a trusted news source, and it is not getting any better for them. The media giant has been caught in numerous fake news stories over the course of the last year and instead of them changing their ways they continue to pump out absurd stories. Now, that choice is coming back to bite them as CNN’s ratings continue to fall and now they are so bad they cannot even beat the Food Network.

Yikes, that is bad!

Here is more from The Daily Caller:

CNN continues to struggle with its ratings, failing to crack the top five in both total day and primetime cable ratings last week.

According to Nielsen Media Research for the week of June 18 to June 24, Fox News continued to dominate the other cable news networks by ranking number one in both total day and primetime ratings. MSNBC fell slightly behind at number two in both categories.

Fox News earned its 24th consecutive week on top of basic cable with 1,465,000 average daily viewers. They also earned 2,513,000 average primetime viewers for the week.

CNN, meanwhile, trailed far behind both of its news competitors, ranking 13th in primetime and 7th in total day. In primetime, CNN lost to HGTV, Investigation Discovery, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and the Food Network.

Well, that is pretty darn embarrassing if you ask me!






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