Construction Worker Slams Antifa Thugs With Verbal Beatdown [WATCH]

Antifa scum-buckets are on a perpetual mission to ruin all non-leftists’ days with their douchebaggery. But occasionally, those people in the non-leftist jagweed category push back. Like this story here. Antifa losers in Philadelphia were out in full force on May Day, trying to intimidate the citizenry. Unfortunately for them, they picked on a blue-collar construction worker with no tolerancefor their childish buffoonery. If you’re at work, headphones. This is glorious but not safe for work. 

Anti-fascist protesters were met with the rage of a construction worker Monday afternoon during a May Day demonstration in Center City, prompting Philadelphia police to intervene and placate the angry man.

Video of the incident, which took place during a protest along Market Street, was taken by Joshua Scott Albert and posted o Twitter. It was shared on YouTube by a user who appeared to be opposed to Antifa, the activist group whose efforts target white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Well, that appeared to be the verbal equivalent of having a crater punched into your face…


Those Antifa diaper-monkeys are lucky that bandana-wearing bro decided to use the spoken word as his weapon instead of fisticuffs. Methinks it wouldn’t have gone so well for the “anti-facist” protestors if this gent rallied his construction buddies to make mincemeat of their rears. A little advice for you Antifa guys. If you’re going to pick a fight, it’s best to not go after guys who sweat for a living. It won’t end well for you. Maybe choose opponents who are a bit more on your level. I’d recommend scouting out an anime convention. Or an elementary school playground.

Not only did the construction worker have balls of steel, he also made a valid point. Despite all their claims of being on an anti-fascist crusade, the weasels of Antifa are actual fascists. They’re leftist, big-government crapweasels who enjoy destroying property and beating the ever-loving crap out of anyone who gets in their way. But remember folks, we’re the bad guys.


Thus continues the delightful tradition of socialist scumbags plaguing the decent folks like a pimple on their butt-cheek. The upside of it all is groups like Antifa are steadily winning people over to our side, where free speech and individual rights reign supreme. So keep it up guys, and thanks for all your help.


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