Cop Fired After Pulling Over Daughter’s Boyfriend And Detaining Him

Most parents do not like their daughter’s boyfriend but they don’t go to these extremes to break them up, right? Well, one police officer did and now is in hot water for his actions which have many wondering if he should have been fired or just given a slap on the wrist.

Here is more from The Washington Post:

The dash cam was mounted just below the police cruiser’s roof, in perfect position to capture the 26-year patrolman’s transformation from concerned father to authority-abusing police officer.

On that day in April, John Kovach’s 18-year-old daughter, Katlyn, was dating an 18-year-old her parents didn’t approve of named Makai Coleman.

She wasn’t responding to her father’s attempts to talk, so Kovach tracked his daughter’s computer to a friend’s house on West 34th Street in Lorain, Ohio, he told investigators. Then he sat in his patrol cruiser, waiting.

When Coleman’s silver Pontiac drove past, Kovach flipped on his flashing lights and initiated the traffic stop that would end his two decades with the Lorain Police Department.

“You can get out,” the officer told Coleman, according to a profanity-filled video of the interaction. “You’re going to jail.”

When Coleman asked why his girlfriend’s dad told him: “Have a seat in my car. We’ll make [expletive] up while we go.”

Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera and Safety-Service Director Dan Given said those statements and several other things that happened during a nearly nine-minute stretch were violations of the department’s standards of conduct and policy procedures, according to the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram.

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