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[WATCH] Coward Democrats Relentlessly Attack Homeless Woman At Trump Star In Hollywood

Take a good look at the video below because this is what America will be like under the Democratic Party rule of a Hillary Clinton presidency. We have already seen violent leftist mobs running wild under the presidency of her fellow Democrat Barack Obama and it will only get worse under Clinton.

According to GatewayPundit:

One white man spoke up to try to get the crowd to back off the woman, but the majority Black and Brown mob rejected his entreaties. No one can be seen in the videos stepping up to protect the woman after she was knocked over by a hulking Hispanic man and lay motionless on the sidewalk. Instead they stole and tore up her signs and threw them at her.

One can only wonder what this bunch of entitled democrats are going to do when Donald Trump is announced as President. That will be some kind of night. But what happened to this one individual just for believing differently, is something to be concerned about. Be prepared, for you and your families sake.

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