Dad of 5 Girls Receives Shocking News in Delivery Room. Starts Screaming Then Doctors Tell Him to Sit Down

When you find out you’re expecting a baby, you really only want one thing. A healthy child.


People will ask you if you are going to find out the gender. Or, they will ask, “what do you want?”

And yes — gender-wise — some people deep down have their preferences. But really, we all pray for healthy and happy.

Every now and then, though, we find a parent whose preference is strong. Take Kennedy Zarour. This New Jersey native was no stranger to the delivery room.

He was already the father of five when his wife, Natalie, became pregnant again. Zarour was extremely outnumbered in the current family situation, his five children are all girls.

Although he loved them all, he still hoped that maybe … someday … well, perhaps he wouldn’t be the only man in the house. It had to be hard for him to be too hopeful.

With their latest pregnancy, the couple did not discover the gender of the baby before heading to the hospital. They opted instead for the surprise of the moment.

On March 8, they arrived at the hospital for a scheduled cesarean section. Natalie was taken and prepped before dad joined her.

The doctors worked diligently until finally, the baby was born. Shock is perhaps not the best word to explain the feeling that washed over the couple as their child emerged into the world.

Yes, it was a boy. Zarour had his son.

His reaction was legendary. Especially when the doctors in the room had to tell him to “Have a seat.”

Unfortunately, there was no camera inside his head. If there was it might have picked up a chorus singing something like this.

While the couple had no idea what the gender of the baby was going to be, Natalie might have felt it a little bit. It was her decision to film the revelation as she put it “just in case.”

It was a decision that she was glad she made. She told the Daily Mail, “It was all worth it and we celebrate all of our children every day.”


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