David Hogg May Have Just Committed A Crime With Latest Tweet

David Hogg just tweeted out that he has evidence that the NRA is urging its members to shoot Americans for their political beliefs.

Based on this so-called “evidence,” Hogg claimed he could prove the NRA is secretly a terrorist organization.

Hogg tweeted:


“If the leadership of your organization calls for gun owners to shoot Americans for their political beliefs it is a terrorist organization.”

When challenged that he was making up false charges, Hogg did this:

So, Hogg’s secret “evidence” turned out to be a months-old CNN article. Figures.

But that, of course, doesn’t back up the original charge that Hogg hurled at the NRA and Dana Loesch about instructing members to kill their fellow citizens.

Hey Hogg: Maybe you didn’t know this, but making up false charges is a crime, kid. Didn’t anyone ever teach you that in school?

From Twitchy:

You guys remember David Hogg, right? No? Well, considering his 15 minutes were up months ago we’re not surprised he’s becoming more of an annoying blip than anything else.

Not that he hasn’t been trying (desperately) to stay relevant. Take for example this tweet he tagged Dana Loesch in…

Maybe we missed it, but when has the NRA ever called for gun owners to shoot other Americans over political beliefs?

Like this tweep, we remember seeing Rep. Eric Swalwell claiming he would nuke legal gun owners who didn’t hand over their guns but David’s claim?


Dana totally ignored him … she’s awesome that way. But others were more than happy to step up and ‘engage’ him:


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